CaliMar Pool

Chesapeake 54" Wall Resin Above Ground Pools with 8-Year Full Warranty

Chesapeake above ground pools are best described as Bigger, Better, Stronger, Longer Lasting above ground pools. The CaliMar® brand, Chesapeake model 54" wall above ground pools have Bigger True 8" Top Rails made with Better. Resin materials make this pool Stronger and is assured to last Longer with it's un-matched 8 Year Full-100% warranty plus an additional 22 year Pro-Rated Warranty*.
After extensive research into just what the characteristics are of a quality above ground pool that will stand the test of time we determined there’s no other above ground pool manufacturer that makes a more solid, reliable, long lasting pool than the makers of Doughboy above ground pools. H.I.I. is the manufacturer or CaliMar® pools and is also the manufacturer of Lomart and Doughboy above ground pools. When you think Chesapeake, think Doughboy. They're worth it!
Made with the exact same materials and same exacting standards as Doughboy pools are known for the CaliMar® pools are also made. We’ve taken the best of the best of what we know to work hand in hand with H.I.I. to architect and design a series of above ground pools that break the mold and set new standards in the pool industry.
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CaliMar® Pools are available in the following Shapes and Sizes:
Round - 16', 18' 21', 24', 27', 30' and 33'
Oval - 12'x20', 12'x24', 16'x24', 16'x28', 16'x32' and 18' x 33'
Analyzing the Pool Components:
  • Top Rails
The Chesapeake above ground pool models all are stronger empty than many other above ground pools are when they’re full. The top rails are a true 8” across measuring from edge to edge. Other manufacturers that claim to be 8” wide are measuring around the circumference of the top rail. If the Chesapeake top rails were measured using the same method, they would be 12” wide.
CaliMar Top Rail Cross Section
Cross Section of Resin Top Rail
  • Liners
The liners that come standard in the Chesapeake models are True 15 mil liners, not gauge. Gauge is a matter of subjection and any manufacturer can set their gauge to whatever suits their marketing needs. Mil is an exact international precise measurement for measuring thickness. Measurement is done with a micrometer and all of the liners packaged with the CaliMar® pools are a True 15 Mil Thickness. The liners are about 20% heavier than other liners on the market because of the true nature of the virgin vinyl material and zero use of plasticizers and fillers. Due to the superior strength and integrity of these liners we offer a Lifetime 100% Warranty against seam separations.
  • Bottom Rails
Engineered with True-Fold design and thicker Premium Steel with a high end coating all Chesapeake above ground pools have a 100% Lifetime Warranty*. Doughboy Above Ground Pools Bottom Rails
  • Component Connection Points
All connection points on Chesapeake pools are precision punched holes so there is only one way the pool can be assembled, making assembly quicker and easier. Other above ground pools have “oval” shaped holes which allow too much variance causing imperfect fit and weakens the strength of the pool. Doughboy Above Ground Pool Top Rail Comparison
  • Walls
Made from heavier copper bearing steel than industry standards making them 30-60 lbs heavier than other manufacturer models pools. Zinc clad hot-dipped galvanized steel walls receive several protective coatings and a specifically designed epoxy coating providing the best defense against corrosion and condensation. Industry’s thickest corrugation offers industry’s greatest strength and flexibility.
Layers of wall protection shown below
Doughboy Above Ground Pools Wall Layers
  • Vertical Uprights
Chesapeake's steel thickness is 25% thicker than the competition providing extra stability and strength to the pool wall.
  • Skimmer
Large skim surface area removes surface debris faster than any other skimmer on the market.The tall mouth construction allows for greater pool water height fluctuations with a basket twice the size of many competitors.
Doughboy Above Ground Pools Skimmer
Vacuum port built into the lower face of the skimmer makes connection of vacuum hose or automatic pool vacuum much easier.
* Use of saltwater chlorination system(s) voids product warranty.
CaliMar Pools Made In The U.S.A.:
CaliMar Round Pool Installation:
CaliMar Round Pool Installation:

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