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CaliMar® Clear Replacement Salt Cells for Hayward T-CELL Series

CaliMar®'s long life, high performance electrodes ensure extended cell life and increased chlorine production efficiency. No need for re-plumbing, all CaliMar® generic replacement cells neatly fit into the original plumbing configuration. All CaliMar® generic replacement cells come with extended warranty periods, which in most cases exceed that of the original manufacture. CaliMar® cells come with a clear outer housing for easy inspection of the cell plates, making cleaning and maintenance quick and easy!
All CaliMar® replacement cells are manufactured using CaliMar®'s long life, high performance electrodes. Using a generic cell manufactured by CaliMar® can provide longer cell life and higher chlorine production efficiency. CaliMar® has pioneered competitive, reliable, and innovative salt water sanitizing solutions and Pool Supply Unlimited is proud to offer the complete CaliMar® line.
  • CMARHY15-3Y replaces the T-CELL-3 (15,000 gallon capacity) - 3 Year Warranty
  • CMARHY20-3Y replaces the T-CELL-5 (20,000 gallon capacity) - 3 Year Warranty
  • CMARHY25-3Y replaces the T-CELL-9 (25,000 gallon capacity) - 3 Year Warranty
  • CMARHY40-3Y replaces the T-CELL-15 (40,000 gallon capacity) - 3 Year Warranty
Compatible Systems: Aqua Rite, Aqua Rite Pro, Aqua Logic, AquaTrol, Mineral Springs, Naturesoft

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